About Us

Through life’s twists and turns, we (Trish and Bryan) ended up retiring early, so we put our plan of travelling across North America in our RV after retirement into place early!

Bryan worked for CBC/Radio-Canada (Canada’s public broadcaster) for 24 years until budget cuts caught up to him. So he took early retirement.

Trish delivered and installed home health care equipment until medical issues forced her to leave her career.

This blog is all about our journey, mainly the post-retirement journey, but some of it may be how we got where we are now.

Why is our blog called Home in the Range? I wanted something catchy to call the blog and our home network is called HomeInTheRange (now don’t go trying to hack into our network, please). So why did we call our home network HomeInTheRange? Our RV is an Open Range. Home on the range kinda describes the wandering nature of being RV full timers. Put the two together and you get HomeInTheRange. So I stole that for the name of the blog. Isn’t Trish a smart cookie? 🙂

I also wanted to let you know that the map you see on the site shows you, in red, which states and provinces we have RVed in. By RVed in, I mean have taken the RV to and spent at least one night in the RV.

We hope you enjoy this blog and please let us know how we are doing, or what you’d like to hear about. We’ll do what we can.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Arlene says:

    We are leaving Ontario next week to travel south for the winter. This is our first time! Our plan is to head to Florida for a month (St. Augustine area) and then head to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.Not sure where yet. Any thoughts which area?


    • Arlene, congratulations on escaping the snow! I’m sure you will love it no matter where you end up.
      Unfortunately we haven’t been to either St. Augustine or the Rio Grande Valley so I can’t give you any help on where to go. We do plan on going to the RGV at some point in our travels, so we’ll gladly take any recommendations that you have after your winter there 🙂


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