Where Did the Summer Go?

Here we are, almost 7 months since my last post and it’s time to head south for the winter again. A lot has happened in the past 7 months. 

Trish and I spent 3 weeks at Fort Wilderness At Disney World and got married while we were there. Since this is both of our second marriages, we wanted something simple like getting married on the beach. So that’s what we did. We got married on the beach at the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World. 🙂 We were lucky enough to have Trish’s sister, my Mum and the girls come down for the wedding. It was perfect.img_6831

After our time at Disney World, we spent a week in Naples, Fl visiting with friends from back home. Unfortunately, while we were packing up to head home had one of our 5th wheel landing legs broke. The fortunate part was we were already hooked up to the truck and were heading to Lazy Days in Tampa to visit other friends. Unfortunately, Lazy Days didn’t have the parts we needed. So we stayed one night, then headed up to Georgia

We spent about a week and a half in Georgia while we ordered and waited for replacement parts for the landing leg, twice since the first parts I ordered didn’t work on our landing gear :(. During this whole time, from leaving Naples to arriving here and getting the parts and fixing the leg, the 5th wheel was sitting on the truck. After the 9 or 10 days, it took to get everything straightened away and fixed, the truck sighed with relief when we finally got the truck unhooked.

We finally made it home at the beginning of April. Too cold for me, but we needed to stay within our 182 days allowed in the US. Even though it was cold, the ground wasn’t frozen when we tried to pull into our seasonal site. Since the ground was soft and out camper weighs 10000 lbs, we  sank almost 9″! We had to wait a few days until the temperatures got below freezing overnight and the ground froze. Once the ground was frozen we could get enough traction to get the camper unstuck.

May brought arthroscopic surgery on both of my knees to repair torn meniscus and clean up arthritis damage. That laid me up for a good portion of the summer since one of my knees wasn’t healing properly. It took until October, just a few weeks ago, for my surgeon to release me from his care.

In September my knees were finally feeling good enough to allow us to take on an awning replacement job. 3 hours of work in the hot sun, but our neighbours were happy, they got a new awning to replace the one that got damaged by a wind storm.

At the end of September, we finally made it to a potluck put together by the fine folks from the RVing In Canada Facebook group. Lots of food, lots of fun and most importantly we got to meet people in person that I’d been talking to online for years. The week after that, we went to visit with some friends and tried to push them over the edge of the fulltiming slope. 🙂 Again, more good food and good times.

That brings us to October. We are getting ready to head to Heber Springs, AR for the NRVIA‘s annual conference. This is an opportunity for all the NRVIA certified RV Inspectors to get together, learn and recognise outstanding Inspectors.


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