From San Diego to New Orleans

After our boondocking adventures in Quartzsite, we had to decide, do we start heading back east right away or go south to visit Yuma first. Our ultimate goal is to make it back to Florida for our wedding with a stop in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, so we didn’t have a lot of time left for extra trips.

While we were at the Big Tent Show in Quartzsite, we came across an RV Resort that was giving away a free 3 day stay in Yuma. So our decision was made for us 🙂 3 free days in Yuma beats paying for 3 days anywhere else.

We stayed at the Fortuna de Oro Cal-Am resort in Yuma, AZ. Since we didn’t have a lot of time there we had to make the most of it. One of the 2 full days we had was spent making a road trip to San Diego.

IMG_20160120_124331The road trip was just one day, but it was a full day. In the morning, we went to Chula Vista to visit friends from back home. Then we went down to the Pacific Ocean and stuck our toes (more like above the knees really, although that wasn’t the plan). Finally off to visit more friends in Del Mar in the afternoon. Although I’m pretty sure we caught them on a bad day. They were in the middle of house hunting and had to go for some viewing late in the afternoon. After their viewings, we went for dinner. I had my first fish taco. Yummy. And my first martini, a chocolate martini. Very yummy, and that is coming from someone who isn’t a liquor drinker but a beer drinker.

The other full day in Yuma was going to the downtown Yuma Farmer’s Market and enjoying the resort’s amenities. OK so it was just the pool and hot tub 😉 We’ll be back to that resort one day and spend more time enjoying the rest of the amenities that the resort has to offer.

Once our 3 days were up in Yuma, it was time to start out trek East for Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

On our way east we stopped at the Escapees’ SKP Saguaro Co-Op in Benson, AZ for 3 days. It is a beautiful park with nice large lots and beautiful sunsets in the evening. While we were there we decided to head down to Tombstone for the day. We happened to show up when Tombstone at Twilight was having their Canadian Rendezvous, which was their thank you to their Canadian visitors. They put on a photo scavenger hunt, which we decided to do. Basically, we went around to the various businesses that were taking part and take a picture of the specific scavenger hunt item, with us in the picture with a Canadian flag. It was fun and got us to visit lots of different businesses in town. On the whole, though, I wasn’t impressed with Tombstone. There were too many people trying too hard to get money for the same thing.

From Benson, we headed to Van Horn, TX and stayed in a small non-descript RV park just off I-10 called Southern Star Rv Park. I had read about it in Nick Russel’s Gypsy Journal blog a few day before we got there and since he had good things to say about it, and it was inexpensive as a Passport America member, we decided to stay there. Let me tell you, this park had the BEST WiFi of any we’ve been in before. It was really high speed, easy to connect and it didn’t drop out or slow down in the evenings. It was a pleasure to use their WiFi and not a lesson in futility like most parks.

IMG_20160126_103251From there we headed to Kerrville, TX. This leg of the trip was not a pleasant one. We encountered wind, rain, snow in various levels and combinations. There was enough snow that when we stopped for lunch, the front of the camper was covered in snow, and the photo doesn’t even do it justice. We should have just packed it in and found a place to stay for the night but we didn’t. We pressed on. We ended up in By The River RV Park & Campground another Passport America park. It was a nice little park down by a fork in the Guadeloupe River. The sites were close to one another and all grass, but I think it’s definitely worth checking out again for more than one night.

The next day we headed for Beaumont, TX and the Hidden Lake RV Resort. Again our Passport America membership got us inexpensive camping for 2 nights in a nice park. Our last 2 nights before New Orleans and Mardi Gras!


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