Our RV’s Quartzsite Boondocking Adventures

Since the last post was mostly about what we did while we were boondocking, this will be about how the RV handled boondocking. We started off our time in Quartzsite in an RV park. This gave us a chance to visit friends in the park and start our 5 days of boondocking with a full fresh water tank, 50 gallons, and empty black and grey tanks. On our camper, we have 3 waste tanks. The black tank for the toilet. A grey for the galley and a separate grey for the bathroom shower and sink. All totalled we have about 120 or so gallons of waste water capacity, so that wasn’t the limiting factor. The fresh water was the limit in my books. Continue reading


Quartzsite, AZ – The Boondocking Mecca

While we were getting healthy enough to travel again, we were trying to figure out where to go next. The original plan was to go to the SKP park in Yuma, KOFA Ko-op Retreat, then on to Quartzsite. We knew we needed to get to Quartzsite to join the Escapees Happy Hour and XScapers Convergence and to visit with some friends from home, but we also wanted to visit Yuma. To add to the dilemma, we needed to be back in Gold Canyon, AZ for a meeting of RV Inspectors. That left us with only a week to see Yuma and Quartzsite. Continue reading

The Continental Divide

The next leg of our trip took us west of the Continental Divide and we didn’t even realize it until we crossed the divide! We were on our way from Deming, NM to Casa Grande, AZ across I-10 and all of a sudden there was a sign, Continental Divide Elev. 4585 ft. We missed it and the photo op. 😦 Oh well, life happens I guess. Continue reading