Week 1 – Hondo, TX

IMG_20151125_160527The Alamo Area SKP Co-op/Retreat in Hondo, TX was our first “formal” destination this winter. It is about 50 miles west of San Antonio along US-90. This is an SKP Co-op park, which means that it’s part of the Escapees RV Club, but is not operated by Escapees. It is owned and operated by the co-op leaseholders. Continue reading


Boondocking Our Way to Texas

When we were planning our trip to the southern US for the winter, we had originally decided to leave Toronto in mid-January but both Trish and I got a bad case of hitch itch so we left mid-November instead. Since it was last a last minute decision, we didn’t have anything booked for the trip down. We decided that it would be boondocking (or more appropriately dry camping) all the way down to Texas. Continue reading